7 Reasons for using an Event App

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7 Reasons for using an Event App

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How well the Event was? Was it successful enough to reach the purpose of organizing it? What kind of impact did the Event put on the attendees? Will it gain the same response in future as it gained this year?

There are many why’s & how’s that need to be answered when an event is considered..

An Event is all about interaction, engagement, connectivity, navigation from check-in to event closing, etc. Event organizers continuously deal with spreadsheets, emails & innumerable tasks at once. Between this long run process, it is very much possible that the workflow will overlap & miss out many things. So it is important to find a solution & switch to an application to manage the event effectively, as the future of event industry is quite demanding.

An enormous rise in the mobile usage has resulted in an Event App solution. According to the demographic picture of increasing mobile users, mobile apps have managed to connect users with digital world easily.

But definitely this is not enough to understand the importance of an app for your Event. So, here are some grounds on which you can decide to plan an Event app.

1. Forget paper

An event abstract plays a crucial role in introducing an event’s agenda & schedule to the attendees. Producing an Event app will cut down the abstract booklet cost from the budget. Most of the times there are critical changes at the eleventh hour which are difficult to implement when the prints are ready & the chances of attendees forgetting or loosing event brochure are quite high. Organizers face lots of difficulties like this, which indirectly put a bad impression on the attendees’ experience as well. An event app will help organizers to come over problems like Event booklets, no. of prints, on-the-go changes & save money. Moreover, the app will stay with the attendees after the event too.

2. Quick access to Event info

Sending emails to several people throughout the day & attending calls for providing info about the event is really time consuming. With the help of an event app attendees can keep track of sessions, speakers, venue, maps etc. at their fingertips. Once an update or change made will reflect & inform all at once. Its easy to share multimedia files with the attendees regarding the event, so as to keep them pre acknowledged about the program agenda. Attendees can manage the data of interest on their own.

3. Live Q&A, Better Interaction

After commencement of an event, it is important to engage attendees in an ongoing session. Most of the times attendees feel left out, not able to track the subject, unable to get involved in the discussions etc. These days attendees want to participate & connect with the speakers. Features like live questionnaires results in good engagement of attendees & the experts. A well engaged session will help attendees feel involved & reflect in better event experience.

4. Notify the updates

There are always some or more last minute changes in an event. It is important to inform the attendees regarding the changes like rescheduling of a session, change in speaker timings etc. Informing about the latest updates & changes through ‘Push Notifications’ are convenient to notify every attendee. If there are some important or urgent announcements need to be made, then broadcasting the announcement will help attendees to know about it in an ongoing event too.

5. Strengthen connectivity

Interactive sessions always build a better connection between attendees & speakers. Not only during the event, but after the event also attendees can continue to be in connection and build a network. A better event experience will ensure the attendee of holding on to the event for next year too.

6. Survey

The evaluation of attendee feedback, ratings given to sessions & speakers, ratings given to the performance of the event app & similar survey will help the organizers to learn regarding the event experience of the attendees as well as speakers. The Survey proves extremely helpful in refining the details & making it much better than before.

7. Analyze the response

At the end, it is important to learn about the feedback & productivity obtained post-event. An event app will make it easier to do a thorough analysis of the response received by the event. It will help in analyzing the impact of investment made for making the event a success   

The digital world is stepping in with new technology every passing year & putting a digitized impact on either industries as well. Event industry is evolving with new strategies & thus demands for a high performance. So plan an app for your upcoming event today!


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