Captivate sponsors with a customized event app

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Captivate sponsors with a customized event app

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Mobile technology is competent enough to help you unlock the possibilities of event app sponsorship. An event app is able to create great opportunities & drag value to your sponsors.

Paper based event abstracts featuring advertisements are easier to be forgotten or lost by the attendees, whereas an event app will help your sponsors to stay connected to their target attendees after the event also. So, an event app has the ability to find your sponsors a wide exposure to reach their targets & therefore the chances of securing right sponsorship are high.

Now you know that your event app can match the objectives of your sponsors, so let’s take a look at some of those possibilities.


1. Compile post-conference proof

Most of the sponsors are keen to understand that how their investment will benefit them or provide them the platform for their brand. It’s very important to provide a clear picture to the sponsors prior to the event that, how an event app will meet their benefits. An event app providing market to the sponsors will help them behold on the decision of availing sponsorship to your event.


2. Create a great digital platform

Your event app should be able to allow sponsors the flexibility to link with a wide content. An omnipresent influence of their brand on an event app throughout the event is necessary, as it will help them to be in picture from event commencement to event closing. A well planned content will be a splendid opportunity for the sponsors to showcase their brand in a dynamic way.

3. Sponsored live polling

Sponsored sessions & activities will increase their chances to connect with the attendees more often. Help your sponsors to get highlighted in a live event by creating sponsored activities such as polling, Q&A, Survey etc. Such features provide sponsors a wide exposure & attendees are more likely to remember their brand. It will increase the feasibility of driving the attendees towards sponsors as well as it will generate traffic to their website.


4. Insights recording

An event app will help your sponsors to understand response of the attendees & learn about the behavior of their target audience . Number of clicks, views & all the conversions can be measured with the help of an event app, whereas this data can assist your sponsors in a significant away. Such actionable reports can be gathered which will definitely benefit the sponsors to effectively reach their targets.


5. Advertise the opportunities

Don’t forget the sponsors you have previously worked with, include them in your corporate emails & notify them regarding the benefits of your event app sponsorship. It will help you to reconnect with them & also develop their interest in your event to see whether they want to work with you again. Advertising about your event’s success will benefit you by reaching the targeted brands.

Mobile apps are a great method of tracking audience behavior & understand the digital nature through digital tools which is fair enough to develop an interest in your event app sponsorship.


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