Converting Attendees into Active Participants

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Converting Attendees into Active Participants

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An event consist of attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors etc. Every person attending the event is crucial to the organizers, as all of them are invited to the event with a purpose. It is a quite big challenge to save your event from becoming a one way conversation, loosing attendees attention with every passing minute resulting in down performance.

The most important thing is to manage your attendees very well, so as to drive your event smoothly beholding to the purpose of organizing it. An event’s success entirely depends upon the attendee experience & attendee response. So targeting the attendee satisfaction, we need to inculcate some concepts so as to convert the attendees into active participants benefiting future engagements.


Build a platform for attendee interaction

The attendees participating in your event, come with an agenda of not only attending the event but also to create new connections by interacting with the fellow attendees. By implementing special features for attendee interaction in your event app, it will create an active conversation medium & generate excitement regarding the event within the attendees. A fine attendee interaction feature will help the attendees to participate in the event with a clear concept rather than carrying a vague picture regarding the event.

Gear up with Social Media

Giving your event a social media exposure through your event app, will eventually provide your attendees as well as organization a platform to create their online presence. It is important to form a better frame for your event with the help of social outlets. Attendees become more involved if they find ways to share their event experience with the outer world through various social media platforms.

At the end of the event, count of shares being made by the audience will provide you an incredible data to study the performance. Social Media is a platform which will continue to be there forever, so it is important to maintain a strong presence before, during & after the event. As you cannot guess when & which attendee can turn up with a good deal & come out to be the best value customer or partner.

Active participation of Speakers is important

Allow your speakers to acknowledge the features like live Q&A, Survey etc. of your event app, prior to the event. So that they will be aware of all the attendee-speaker interaction mediums which will help them plan the engagement accordingly. Attendees can ask questions & speaker can efficiently answer the questions by utilizing live features of the event app, rather than approaching one attendee at a time which is very time consuming. A fine attendee-speaker interaction can turn up into a great engagement. 

Attendee feedback matters the most

Conducting Survey for collecting feedback regarding the event experience is a very positive approach to connect with your attendees. A detailed feedback will help you gather the response of attendees & know their suggestions for upcoming events.

If any feedback or suggestion has helped you in enhancing your services or has boosted your performance, let them know regarding that. Let your attendees know, their feedback matters you the most in order to future improvements.  

Share event results

It is important to share event results with your attendees, inform them that they were a part of your successful event. The response obtained at the end, is equally essential to your attendees as it is to you. Share the end results wherever you previously promoted your event & showcase the outcome of your investment.

Highlight the best moments during the event with minute details & include attendees who have contributed so far with your organization. This will help your attendees know, that their contribution is important to you plus enlighten them regarding your vision behind organizing the event & similarly give you a great platform to thank your attendees for their active participation.

Good strategy for post-event involvement

Event success doesn’t rely on performance during the event days, it is necessary to hold on to your attendees after the event too. Encourage your attendees to share, subscribe & follow you for more future engagement by inserting links in your event app giving access to your website, YouTube promotional videos, pages on social media etc. It is important to continuously be in touch with your attendees so as to maintain the similar bond as it was during the event.


Most of the event results depend on the active participation of attendees. Attendees’ response contribute a lot in making a certain event successful. That is why attendee engagement tops the priority list when ‘Factors contributing event success’ are considered.  


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