Gamification in Events

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Gamification in Events

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Event industry is coming up with many event trends these days in order to make events a great engagement affair. As event planners also take efforts for making the event productive, they are also applying various techniques to increase the event engagement & not just end up with an event gathering.

Incorporating gamified elements in an event has many tangible benefits behind it. Attendees can stay connected to your event from beginning to end, without loosing their interest & you can keep them motivated till the end. Let’s see some gamification methods you can include in your event   


Engage attendees actively

Corporate Events are occupied with highly intellectual people & back to back heavy sessions, which are the factors responsible for loosing attendees’ interest with every passing minute. An event’s productivity entirely depends on the attendees experience. Happily engaged attendees make your event more interactive & increase the chances of beholding to your organisation / product for long. Games help the attendees to collaborate with each other & create better networks, which keeps their interest alive till the end. The main motto behind attendee engagement is to help attendees remain connected to the purpose of event.

Sum up the active interaction between attendees & speakers

In a corporate event or conference, there are continuous sessions taking place, many highly qualified speakers are delivering brain storming lectures. In between all this, it is pretty difficult for the audience to avail some space to think upon what all happened till now. Gamification will allow the attendees to relax a bit & take a break from the ongoing sessions. Also there is a particular wall between attendees & speakers, which needs to be cracked to build a great bonding. Gamified elements once implemented, can break those barriers & help them to initiate heathy interaction.

Elevate Social Media Exposure

Organizers promoting about their event doesn’t work that fine as much as it does due to attendees’ posting about the event. Make an announcement prior to the event, that attendees publishing higher number of posts on social media regarding the event will be receiving special offers on paid services. Ask the attendees to tweet about their event experience, from which the best tweets will be selected. This will help to scale up your social media exposure, increasing interest about your event in the online world.


Points & Rewards

Rewards create a wave of interest & excitement in the audience, which results in better attendance at sessions & keep their interest alive thoroughly. Whatever gamification is planned, make sure to make it compelling by adding various points & rewards to it. This will add value to your gamification & hold upon the attention of your attendees. Give away points for publishing higher number of posts & shares on the social media sites. Create leader boards regarding the top attendees contributing to your event engagement.


Connect with the Exhibitors & Vendors

Gamification in your event can also be organised by the Exhibitors & Vendors, which will give them a chance to reach out to the attendees. Plan their engagement in order to stimulate social connection. This will provide a space to your attendees to interact with the exhibitors, plus create a happy atmosphere without making it a forceful advertisement stuff.

Make sure it is not an event spoiler

As gamification can improve your event experience, similarly it can also spoil. While putting your concept into action, assure it will not disrupt the purpose of your event. It may happen that you planned for a change, but it will convert into badly hitting your event agenda. Make sure your attendees are getting the space to interact in between. Gamification has to be included for event improvisation, which should have low frequency.

Gamified elements have the ability to enhance the attendee experience as well as create healthy atmosphere in an event. Also it can offer different ways to express thoughts & solutions, increasing quality participation of the attendees. Similarly, there are many methods to explore if you want to include gamification concept in your events, give it a try & experience the results yourself.


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