How to define a project scope?

  Why project scope needs to be defined?   The people who have worked on project planning previously will have stories to tell of how scope changes cause grief. Scope is something which is bound to change & this is the expected term when project planning is concerned. As the project details increase, so the [...]

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  In this era of advanced technology, it’s not that difficult to bridge the gap between a doctor and a patient. Usage of healthcare apps in a medical practice has now reached higher scales and currently 97000+ health and fitness apps are available for both mobile & tab.   Innovative healthcare apps, providing [...]

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About to choose a Mobile App Development Company? Just go through this first…

  When a business idea reaches certain heights, the owners look out for an option, so as to disseminate the business well in the market. They reach at a point where a mobile app solution can take their business to a significant level. But just deciding to go for an app isn’t the only solution, [...]

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Adding UIRefreshControl to UITableView – Xamarin.iOS

Reloading a UITableView in an iOS app is a widely popular Gesture. Adding PullToRefresh to a UITableView in Xamarin.iOS is rather straightforward with the help of UIRefreshControl. Steps to implement Pull to refresh: Initialize UIRefreshControl Add it to the UITableView Handle the ValueChanged event of UIRefreshControl Set data in the UITableViewSource and reload the UITableView Here is the code to implement [...]

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to the migration tools/guides that they are creating. Facebook yesterday announced the shutdown of Parse as a service. This isn’t new in the world of MBaaS, StackMob met the same fate when Paypal acquired it in 2014. The way Facebook is going to execute the closure is that the service will continue to run until January [...]

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