Bloom acknowledges the global uncertain situation of COVID – 19 and is continuously monitoring the guidelines and instructions from local Indian and Singapore health authorities. Obviously these are testing times for us and our business, and we will remain focused on what’s most important to Bloom – our colleagues and our clients. 

Besides a continuous communication program with our colleagues, we’ve alerted our clients, partner, and vendors about the safety precautions adopted by us. Uninterrupted services to our clients is of the utmost importance to us. Our safety precaution plans ensure the wellbeing of our colleagues and their family members and also continuous delivery to our clients and partners. 

As the situation progresses, our statement will also be updated. 

Continuous service delivery: 

We’ve informed our clients, partners, and vendors about the safety precautions adopted by Bloom. We have robust technology, tools, and software development practices, that enables us to provide continuous services to our clients and partners. Across India and Singapore, we have established work-from-home guidelines and agreements, which is over and above the already existing agreement with our employees. This is to ensure that we meet client delivery expectations in terms of data security and service delivery transparency. Our 24×7 support desk continues to operate as per usual. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of our services during this situation. 

Minimal travel for non-critical business activities 

We’re following domestic and international travel as per India and Singapore health authority’s guidelines and recommendations. All travel is currently on hold. Our colleagues who have recently returned from overseas, are provided with quarantine facilities and are asked to follow self-isolation. Bloom has strong experience in technology and is leveraging the best-of-breed available software to enable our teams for work-from-home while maintaining quality standards. Secure server connections have been specially tested by our senior team to ensure the data security of our clients. 

Avoiding community spread and safety guidelines 

Bloom is committed to follow strict adherence to health authorities and its guidelines in India and Singapore. Our team members are advised to regularly monitor their health and practice self-isolation if they encounter any COVID-19 symptoms. We understand if they are unwell, they would require time off to manage their health needs. All of our colleagues have complete flexibility to work remotely from home. 

Adhering to government guidelines 

We are continuously tracking guidelines of local, state, and national authorities from India and Singapore to adjust our safety measures accordingly. Being a mobilefirst company – we’re also using governmentprovided technologies like the Arogya Setu Mobile app ( India and TraceTogether ( in Singapore. 

It is our highest priority that our colleagues, their family members, our clients, partners, and vendors are safe and healthy. We also request our connections to take the correct precautions and make fight against COVID – 19 as their number one priority. 

We will continuously monitor the important updates and as the situation develops. Please send your inquiries to [email protected] for any further clarification.