Efficient Way for Search by Text in iOS and Flutter
29 January 2021

Search by Text is the most common feature in almost every mobile application. It’s necessary to make it efficient in a way that the search operation should be performed only.  Read More

Base64 Encoding for Media in Flutter
13 January 2021

In mobile application development, we sometimes come across the feature wherein we need to encode a media file such as image, video, etc. Base64 is one of the available options fo  Read More

JSON Parsing in Dart/Flutter
8 January 2021

When I started working with API in Flutter, I found it difficult to play with JSON. And I’m sure it confuses a lot of you beginners. So here I am...  Read More

Query Tags in EF Core for DotNet Core
4 January 2021

Query tags is introduced in entity framework(EF) core 2.2. Query tags helps when browsing logs during debugging and troubleshooting on Linq query. LINQ added new method for query t  Read More

Auto-deploy iOS app to TestFlight using Gitlab CI and Fastlane
8 December 2020

What is CI/CD?  CI stands for Continuous Integration – is the DevOps practice where developers in a team push code chunks to your application�  Read More

Flutter 1.17 New Features & Dart 2.8 is out now!
25 November 2020

Flutter is a popular cross-platform software development framework that helps create impressive apps without worrying about excessive coding. On the other hand, the knowledge of Da  Read More

Link Preview in iOS with Open Graph Protocol Like WhatsApp
23 November 2020

In WhatsApp, when you input a web link you get the preview of that link.+ How does this work?  If you think about this, you might probably get an idea...  Read More

Azure Function App Deployment using Visual Studio Code
17 November 2020

One of the most difficult things in the development lifecycle is not getting the results even after sticking to process and practices. A few weeks back our development team was...  Read More

Why should CTOs Choose Flutter for App Development?
9 November 2020

The quality and integrity upheld by businesses in today’s time depend majorly on the selection of mobile technologies. The capability to present a rich digital experience is the   Read More

Rendering Forms from JSON in Flutter
3 November 2020

Form is so far the commonly used UI component used in a mobile application. Last week, we came across the requirement where we had to render different forms in our...  Read More

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