10 Benefits of Using Xamarin Over Native

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10 Benefits of Using Xamarin Over Native

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Mobile app development has gone beyond just building the logic of coding. Now developers think more prudentially before they start working on a project. The new concept getting involved within mobile app development is Xamarin vs Native. As cross platform development solutions are hitting the market demands, eventually this has increased point of argument over Xamarin or Native.

Xamarin has the ability to build cross platform applications using C#. Whereas, native builds platform dependent applications using Java, Objective C, Swift etc., but gives best user experience. Similarly there are many such parameters which showcase that Xamarin is more preferable than Native, let’s have a look how?

1. Code Sharing Across Multiple Platforms 

For native app development, developers need to know more than one languages such as Java, Objective C, Swift etc. The code in native apps will be optimized for a particular platform which cannot run on either ones. Whereas, Xamarin is a cross platform software that uses C# to create app logic for input validation, database interactions, web service calls, database interactions, backend integrations etc. Around 75% of code can be shared across various platforms. 

2. Lesser Development Time 

Native apps are platform dependent & that is why developer needs to build separate code for each platform which indirectly increases the development time. Xamarin can share the similar code on different platforms as well, which reduces the time required for development. 

3. Flawless UI 

Xamarin has UI design environments for Xamarin studio & Visual Studio both, which offers specialized UI & UX design tools. Platform specific UI elements allows developers to create flawless user experience. 

4. No Hardware Compatibility Issues 

With the use of plugins & specific APIs, Xamarin eliminates all the hardware compatibility issues, which makes it easy to work with common functionalities. Xamarin can also link with native libraries which allows native-level functionality & better customization. 

5. PCL Libraries 

Xamarin makes it easy for developers by making the code target simple, as it supports all the libraries. This makes development an effortless experience while executing complex functions. 

6. Low Maintenance Cost 

As the code restricted to a certain platforms, the efforts needed to maintain the logic at all platforms increases. As there is no need to build a complete new code & again follow the same process of debugging, updating the logic, efforts to maintain the code are decreased followed by cost as well. 

7. Reduced Engineering Cost 

As native app development requires different code for every platform, developers get busy with building the same code separately for different environments. This increases the development process followed by debugging, testing etc., which increases the engineering cost. If Xamarin is chosen as a development tool, the majority of effort needed is to create only platform specific UIs, as C# will be the shared code base. Eventually, it reduces the resources required for the entire development. 

8. No Need to Switch Development Environments 

Native apps require specific development environments, as they are platform dependent. If there are certain changes need to be made in the code, developer will have to switch to specific environment first & then implement the changes. Xamarin works on both Xamarin (Mac) & Visual studio (Windows), thus developers don’t need to switch development environments while building the code. 

9. Xamarin.Forms Makes It Faster 

Developers use Xamarin.Forms over Xamarin native when they need to design the views once & share the same views across all platforms. Whereas, while using Xamarin native, developer needs to learn all the native UI frameworks which eventually increases the development cycle. 

10. Not Native, But Close to Native 

Developers are constantly improving the UI in Xamarin, in order to match native standard. The User Interface which is made with native controls using Xamarin.Forms, gives a completely native UI experience. In coming years, it might get more improved & match the standards of native development. 

Xamarin is faster in development & comprises of powerful skill set. Currently it is the most widely used mobile app development software due its rich features & resulting benefits. Also it is the growing community of many developers, who are consistently working on enhancing the software in order to improve its performance in future.


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