All you need to know about Attendee Engagement

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All you need to know about Attendee Engagement

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An event is not a single person concept, there are many people involved in it so as to make it reach the purpose of organizing it. It is a crucial point to consider attendee experience as the response of your audience is the thing which decides the success ratio of your event.

To make the attendee experience valuable it is important to connect your audience before, during & after the event. So let’s learn few important things to make your event’s attendee engagement better as well as generate great post-event results.

Understand your audience

Before event commencement, it is important to go through the details about your audience, such as their company, profile, stream they are working in etc. Collecting all these details will let you know regarding their needs & expectations. Attendees come from various organizations & it is a crucial point to know that how are they looking forward at your event.

Create blog posts before a couple of months

Publish blog posts on your website promoting your event a few months before the event. It will give time to the attendees to learn about the details of your event. Blogging will generate a framework regarding your event which will benefit the interested attendees to get familiar to the event soon. The traffic getting generated at your blog will help you learn about the approximate attendee number.

Attendee education prior to the event

Release your app before the event & inform your attendees to download it. Understanding the app, knowing its features prior to the event will help your attendees to use the app conveniently during the event, which can improve their app experience. Knowing the event app completely can help them to concentrate on the event while using the app easily.

Real time feedback

Ask your audience to submit their suggestions & feedback right during the live session, so that they don’t have to stress on their memory to remember the event performance after returning home. Live Q&A’s, feedback & Survey are some of the activities help in keeping the attendees interest alive round the event.

Live Activities

Organizing live activities is a great way to keep your attendees engaged throughout the event & increase attendee participation in the event. Integrating live polls create a good connection between the audience which can help them bond with other professionals of their interest. Live Polling can also provide you and your sponsors with a rich data in order to learn about the response & use it to crack the tricks of efficient attendee engagement.

Provide a great networking platform

Attendees look forward to an event as a gateway to build & extend their network as well. They want to interact with other attendees & get to know the professionals matching their profile, interested to work with them. So your event app should allow the attendees to connect with other attendees in order to offer a great networking platform & improve the attendee experience.

Post-event experience

Audience engagement doesn’t ends with the conclusion of the event. Engage a post-event survey regarding suggestions for improvising event experience. Ask the attendees to submit their experience & help you construct a great event of higher performance next year.

There’s much to learn & plan so as to make it a great experience not only for you but also for your attendees, sponsors & marketers. Today’s attendee experience is all you need to crack next year’s event plan.

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