Chatbots & their development

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Chatbots & their development

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In recent few months chatbots have created a remarkable place in well-known apps like Facebook messenger, WeChat, Slack etc. Chatbot serves as an interaction medium, which doesn’t need any human at the opposite side to have a conversation with. Simply, a bot will communicate with you depending on the limitations it has been restricted to.

Messaging apps are able to compete with many apps & has crossed the high number of users mark of other networking apps. Including chatbots in your app help the user to ease the way of moving through your app. Some bots are pretty advanced technically, as they learn from the conversation with the users & become smarter with the time.   


Types of a chatbot


  • Following fixed commands

Some chatbots are functioned to follow strict rules. They perform for particular & limited commands. If any random search or question being asked to these bots, they won’t come up with any answer & say it’s sorry, it cannot search anything matching your request. 

  • Machine Learning

These kind of chatbots are very smart & rely on machine learning. They are intelligent enough to reply back to your random chats. You don’t need to stick to any fixed commands.


Technologies used to create chatbots

Which technology to choose for building a chatbot, depends on the type of chatbot you want to design for your app. Chatbots can be built either relying on APIs or machine learnings. 

  • Based on APIs

Some apps are developed based on APIs, as they are dependent on texts or graphs. Like the e-commerce sites are based on the graphical user interface, it will work from searching a product till payment of an order. Whereas, some chatbots are programmed to answer specific questions where they won’t help if user asks something out of the script it is programmed with, these bots are based on textual user interface. 

  • Based on Machine Learning

Modern chatbots which are made intelligent as compared to the strictly coded bots can be developed under any programming language.

These chatbots are designed with the artificial intelligence concept. They are programmed in order to recognize, process & answer significantly & deal human conversation successfully under all the circumstances     


Challenges in building a Chatbot


1. Chatbots cannot relate to humans

Human to human interaction is far different as compared to a human to bot interaction. Chatbots have programmed scripts, whereas human don’t. The ability to understand the language of humans & then process in order to give a significant reply is what chatbots need to designed with. Understanding & processing basic to complex statements of the user is the real challenge for chatbot development.


2. Doesn’t has every solution

Many chatbots are offering poor experience to the users, as a bot cannot provide you a solution for every query the user is having. It is programmed to answer specific scenarios. Generally users get frustrated due to repetitive & unfulfilling experience. Creating a bot which is having ability to answer most of the human questions is what needs to be focussed in coming future.


3. Randomness of human beings

Humans are made up of emotions, which affects their language time to time. A chatbot is definitely falling prey to the random behavior of humans. Due to such kind of mood factors, humans usually expect an answer from the bot, but the bot fails to answer back. Chatbots detecting the mood of humans by recognizing the way of their language is what going to be the greatest challenge in developing a chatbot.


Use of Chatbot in various fields

Except messaging chatbot is being implemented in many fields so as to create valuable customer interaction. Here are few fields in which chatbots are engaged in the businesses, but their are definitely many fields where its implementation is going to drive better results  


1. Medical

Chatbots can help you recommend about treatments, find pharmacies near you & direct you to the nearest hospitals. 

2. As a stylist

These chatbots suggests what suits on you according to your height, skin tone & your body type. 

3. Customer services

These chatbots help the customers with their queries, providing them 24*7 service. It helps them to find an appropriate solution for their queries. 

4. Business

Business people can rely on these chatbots for maintaining their business schedule, marking appointments, dealing with official emails, managing clients etc. 

5. Food Order

A food delivery business can increase their online presence, if their customers only need to type about the order & rest is for the business to look out at.



Chatbots are new to the online world, but their beginning is creating so better results everywhere, that it has the capability to assure a great future ahead. Implementing chatbot in a business will definitely scale the customer communication in an effective way. Artificial intelligence has provided a great concept of chatbots, introducing them in your businesses is going to be a great deal in order to come out with great results.


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