Event app for ISVs

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Event app for ISVs

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ISVs (Independent software vendors) are highly specialized in developing & selling software to many organizations in the market. They host many events for the tech professionals, so as to make their products reach out to the companies. The agenda behind organizing events is to introduce their new product in the market, help professionals learn new technology-based software, creating connections & building networks in order to accelerate their growth rate.

But all this is not that easy as much as it sounds, because the event purpose is for building a brand in coming future & the event is a day or a week affair. Marketing your software product in today’s competitive world & brand its value in the coming future is quite challenging. ISVs need to have a strong approach for building their brand as well as to maintain their networks for long. So let’s take a look on how can an event app benefit the software vendors.


Creating a position between other competitive brands

Every upcoming day lots of new products & services are hitting the software market. Everyone wants to create their position & achieve higher growth. Its important to be in front of your value customers constantly in order to build your brand & stand out in the crowd.

Attendees are the professionals who attend several workshops around the year. They are having the suitable vision about which product can help their organization grow. Promoting your product through an app, will make it easier for the attendees to identify the value of product & understand the advantage of continuing with the product in coming future. You can be closer to your customer & with the great user experience you can put a better impact on them.

Convincing new customers your product is worth the price

It has always been a tough job to convince the customers that your service or product is worth the price. The audience consist of many partners & suppliers which will be dealing with your product once they buy it. Most of the time they are convinced with the product, but not with the price. But if you have an app while introducing your product to the attendees, they can avail the digital experience & understand the value of your product more efficiently.

No user will ever get ready to buy any product without knowing the standard of its user experience. Sharing the links of your product with the customers can help you explain the functionality of your product very well, also the customers will be getting a chance to understand the benefits your product can contribute their business.

License renewal & customer retention

Growth of your business depends on the successful customer retention. So its a challenging job to retain the customers, if they are retained for longer then licence renewal of your product becomes a bit easier. The reason behind customer churn are non-renewals, cancellations or attrition.

An app can help you to constantly be in touch with your customers & inform them regarding the benefits of continuing with your product on a regular basis. You can also notify them about how you will be modifying the product in coming future & how those modifications can benefit their company. Its important to maintain connection with your customers, so as to make them behold onto your product & prevent the churn.

Strengthen networks & connections

An event is a gathering of many professionals from various organizations. Its obvious that the attendees will interact, join other professionals & expand their network. Every attendee is working for its business & will definitely want to collaborate with similar people. 

Keeping customers, partners & suppliers connected to your brand is equally important as it is brand building. It is very much possible that you will forget about the attendees you met in the event. Most of them are the value customers which your company needs to accelerate the growth. An event app will not only help them create networks, but also maintain those networks after many weeks of event. Making your product a brand & increasing its sales rate, both things need value customers who can retain till the end.

Keeping communities active

An event app is a live resource which can take you and your customers back, weeks after event too. It doesn’t matters that the event is over, with the help of an event app you can still be in touch with the communities you made during the event. You can run Surveys about your product performance, ask for their suggestions & feedback.

Inquiring about your product performance is a plus point as it will show that you are concerned about the service you are providing to your customers. You can send notifications about meetings, launch of a new product or updates regarding the product modifications. Active communities will help your product grow higher & indirectly benefit in retaining maximum connections.

ISVs face many challenges, as they need to promote their product, assure a good brand position & maintain the growth rate. So its a better deal to plan an event app for your business, push the position of your brand & get highlighted in the crowd   




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