Factors Affecting The Cost of Mobile App Development

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Factors Affecting The Cost of Mobile App Development

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The growing trend of using mobile applications has lead to the increase in enterprises investing in mobile app development. When it comes to mobile app development – features, functionalities, UI/UX design, cost, platform, technology etc. all such things are ready to be discussed. But when it comes to decide the actual cost needed to develop a mobile app, it requires a detailed study of many factors & parameters in order to come up with a certain estimate.

Well, which factors need to be considered for deciding an actual value of a mobile app? Here is the answer for this frequently asked question, so let’s check out… 


Initial stage of developing an app is all about the amount of research needed to be done before implementing the plan. According to the complexity of an app, it is important to collect quality data, in order to understand the market scenario. Understanding the scope, features & functionality of the app are key factors that drive the cost of an app. The business logic of an app configures the basic building block & has a great weightage while deciding an app’s cost.

Native or Hybrid

The mobile app pricing is definitely affected by the platform to be used for development. In case of developing a Native app different for iOS & Android both, it will eventually increase the no. of developers working on it, resulting in the raised estimate. Whereas, if hybrid app is finalized, then both versions of the app will require less no. of developers, which will ultimately lower down the cost as compared to native.

Maintenance & Updates

Once the deployment is done, the maintenance plan needs to be implemented simultaneously. The maintenance plan includes the timely functionality changes to be made & addition of new features if needed in the future, decide the cost on the basis of how often the new versions will be released. It is very important to release the new build time to time in order to prevent your users from deleting the app due to no proactive updates which can severely affect the app performance.

QA & Testing

Testing is the job which needs to be carried out side by side with development. It is a crucial point to confirm the success of all functionalities & features, which indirectly affects the performance of an app. To keep the app successfully running, QA is of utmost importance in order to make enhancement in the app with respect to the analysis result obtained. This activity has a significant importance in the entire development process which influences the cost of mobile application development.

Required Time

Development of a mobile app is a time consuming process, complexity of the project defines the time required for development. Hourly rates of mobile app development vary widely depending on the project complexity & size of the team working on it. 

There are many factors from beginning of an app idea to the launch of mobile app. So now you know some of them which are crucial & need to be considered while dealing with the value of a mobile app. Go through the requirement details of a mobile app & plan the costing as per the suitable factors, be sure about your investment getting you good returns.



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