Things you need to know about outsourcing mobile app development

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Things you need to know about outsourcing mobile app development

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Outsourcing is an alternative which is often opted when there is unavailability of in-house developers, budgetary constraints, not enough time to include one more project to the list or eager to collaborate with the wider knowledge base. It is a biggest challenge to search a firm/individual, who can dutifully deal with your project. While choosing the best outsourcing service, it is important to study the outsourcing options & go through the requirement of mobile app properly, so as to gain a detailed insight to make your search easier. 

1. Outsourcing options

There are many options available in the market for searching a relevant solution for your mobile app development. 

  • Top app development firms

Leading software multinational companies fall in this category. These tech-giants are highly experienced with every type & size of project. They have strong technical expertise & are able to consult your project with a great product strategy. But if your project is time sensitive, then these firms won’t meet your requirements due to lack of flexibility & responsiveness. Also, these companies have higher charges as compared to other firms, so it would not be a better option for those who are working on their initial projects.

  • Independent Developers-

Mobile technology is providing best solutions so far & has increased its demand in all markets, which has resulted in lots of talented developers who are working independently on several projects. As they are the only person to work on the project, generally they don’t have those higher rates. When the project will actually begin, there is a possibility that you might notice paucity of technicalities such as, platform restrictions, product discovery, UI/UX designs, etc. in the developer. But if you have small business or low budget issues, these developers are the best option to outsource your mobile app.

  • Offshore firms

Many companies opt for offshore firms for outsourcing, either if they want to collaborate with global knowledge base or if they have budget issues. It is always a better decision to expand your knowledge base having access to world class capabilities. But, when it comes to deal with offshore firms, responsiveness is affected due to time-zone differences. Offshore firms lack proper understanding while building project for a market outside their region.

  • Off the shelf solutions

This is a different solution as compared to the other three & it is not even considered as a typical option for outsourcing. There are certain solutions that are available through websites and E-commerce, which provide quick solutions according to your project requirements. It has built-in functionalities to offer you rich features with quicker deployment. But there are some limitations to this service when you have to pay for features & functionalities which your project doesn’t even need; it is difficult to customize the solution to meet your particular requirements.

2.   Go through the previous projects & experience

When you are choosing someone to build your app, get knowledge about the previous projects as well as technical expertise, on which the firm has worked till now. Check whether their expertise is relevant in order to deal with your mobile app & provide you with the best solutions.

3.  Don’t let cost drive your decision

Sometimes after knowing the cost factors many professionals take the final decision, which is not correct. Many a times the company or individual is quite good at its services & provide better solutions, in spite of higher rates. It is possible that the company with lower charges could fail to meet your targets, leaving the project incomplete. There are lots of firms in the market which might not be too big in name, but comprises of all the skills which your project needs at the most to be a success.

4.  Good communicators

It is of utmost importance to have a strong communication between you & the outsourced firm. Especially when it is an offshore firm, meetings, calls & updates need to be scheduled time to time in order to stay updated regarding the status of your project. Don’t let time-zone differences intrude between your communication, schedule meetings which can match your work timings. Manage your communication by adopting communication tools such as skype, slack, trello etc. It is important to stay connected to your clients, as it helps to keep your project on track with time.

5.    Security

Never assume that all the outsourcing service providers are abide by the trademark laws, as there are few countries out there where outsourcing clause cannot be enforced. Get the Non-disclosure agreement signed, and prevent problems in future. It is advised to get the access of source code & limit the database access to keep your project secure. 

Finding a better outsource for your mobile app is a complex process, involve your team in the search to make it easier. Study & search a better option which has the capability to meet your goals.


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