Top 5 Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals

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Top 5 Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals

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Innovative healthcare apps, providing important info & offering really valuable resources for clinicians as well as patients are evolving in the market. People adapt healthcare apps looking for convenient approach during illness, whereas doctors too use the apps so as to get the guidance from other doctors & make their practice more professional. Most of the emergency cases are solved successfully and doctors could reach their patients anytime, anywhere.

40% doctors believe in mobile technology & its potential to improve the workflow & deliver quality care services. Recent survey made by World Medical Association has conveyed that healthcare apps are very helpful, quick & provide easy solution for health ailments.

The healthcare industry has accepted the techno-world & streaming at a higher rate. As a result to that there are few apps trending in the top numbers benefiting healthcare professionals & patients caring about their health.

  1. Medscape


This is a leading global destination for physicians & medical professionals, providing the expert perspective & relevant professional education. Medscape builds & maintains a successful medical practice by offering CME material.

It provides quick and accurate clinical answers at the moment of care and helps medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals to find vital info for patient care with evidence based reference. The app consist of many useful resources such as – medical calculator, step-wise procedural articles, image collection, formulary information, drug reference tool etc.

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  1. UpToDate


UpToDate is the foremost app when clinical answers and medical information is concerned. It has been the subject of over 30 research studies with evidence based clinical data available. UpToDate is spreading among the healthcare professionals widely, it is having powerful content sharing capabilities & integrated patient education solutions.

Medical experts are able to diagnose & provide the treatment by prescribing the medicines accordingly. It supports clinicians in providing quality care services by streamlining search capabilities & enabling queries with navigation in multiple languages.

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  1. Skyscape


Skyscape is the decision support tool for Nurses, Students, Physicians & medical professionals, helping them get quick clinical answers at the point of care. It provides features like audio pronunciation of medical terms, embedded videos & pinch zoom images with over 400 titles from leading publishers, authors & Medical societies.

It covers 35 specialties from 30 publishing partners optimized for iPhone, iPad & Android based smartphones and tabs. Skyscape offers learning tools like interactive calculators & diagnostic flowcharts that help you find the right answers at your fingertips.

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  1. NEJM This Week


 NEJM (The New England Journal of Medicine) is the most trusted name in medicine which has a commitment to publish the highest quality medical research material. It allows access to recent articles, view images in clinical medicine, listen audio summaries, stream videos of medical procedures directly to your iOS device.

The app covers various specialties & help the physicians to make the diagnosis from available reports & images. It covers wide variety of utmost important topics in biomedical science & clinical practice.


  1. DailyRounds

download-2DailyRounds is an app for doctors & medical students based on clinical cases. Doctors can learn and even share their clinical cases which are reviewed by the team of 120 doctors at DailyRounds & ensured that the cases fit into the strict editorial policy of DailyRounds.

It also provides updates & latest news in the field of medicine, whereas MCQs like features help medical students to become better doctors. DailyRounds has a problem solving approach to revolutionize the medical education.

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